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We proudly help US-based startups achieve success by building high quality software, establishing close human relationships, communicating frequently and effectively, and with a value-driven approach. Come join us!

Company culture

Exceed expectations

Master the latest web technologiesStay up to date. Learn and work with the most modern and solid technologies.

Cherish relationships

Collaborate in an active open-source communityWe believe in OSS and we strongly encourage contributing back to the community.


Be part of an agile and quality-driven teamLeverage teamwork and collaboration as the foundation to build great things.

Be proud

Build software for clients in the USTeam up with US-based companies and accomplish great things together.

We are hiring!

Become part of our team and join us in our mission to work on challenging products with the most enjoyable group of people. Interested? Let’s talk!

Impressions we’ve made

I can confidently say that we're highly satisfied with Cedarcode's performance. They always meet our requirements in a timely and accurate manner, and all their engineers are capable of diving into our various projects with sufficient knowledge and proactivity.

Cedarcode is a professional team that sets the bar high when it comes to software engineering — they're already highly skilled, but they continue to educate themselves to refine their craft and stay up-to-date with newer technologies.

Beth Nguyen
Anna Khramova
Technical Lead

I can't speak highly enough about the quality of the code they produce or their reliability.
They take ownership of their work and help to fill in gaps where it's needed.

Their communication is transparent, genuine, and honest. They aren't reactive, and they're exceptionally collaborative, which is tough to find. Ultimately, they are a pleasure to work with—they make my job easy.

I think they can be successful in any relationship. The more trust and ownership you give them, the more it's going to pay off.

Beth Nguyen
Nicholas Scricco
Engineering Manager

I’m very happy with them because they take ownership. I wasn’t looking for someone who just builds what we tell them. We wanted someone who would think about the product and could be part of the team, which is what they are. They do a good job and ask good questions. They think about how to improve our products.

Cedarcode is very good with Ruby on Rails. They’re a small team but they concentrate on quality rather than quantity, which is good.

Beth Nguyen
Arun Ramani
VP of Engineering
Better Place Forests

Marcelo and his team inherited a customized forms application used to onboard our suppliers.  They were able to quickly and fully understand what we had and what we needed in order to develop and deploy our subsequent versions. 

He and his team have always gone the extra mile to give us support not only on the technical side but also insights into how to best approach the business requirements given how our forms were initially developed.

Beth Nguyen
Beth Nguyen
Project Manager
US Fortune 500 Company

Braulio was a remote contractor on our team at for over a year. He is a sharp problem solver with a great work ethic and an easygoing demeanor. He picked up our problem domain and technical stack quickly and was making solid contributions from day one. On top of his coding ability, Braulio is a clear communicator and puts forth the effort to interact with the team and stay informed. As a result, working with him was as easy as working with a teammate in the office.

He was a pleasure to work with and I would absolutely hire his team at Cedarcode again.

Beth Nguyen
Tony Huynh
VP of Engineering

Cedarcode takes pride in the quality of their people, so they work thoroughly to find the right engineers for every project. This gives me the feeling that the resource will be of high quality and that they’re going to deliver.

Engineers are doing a really great job, allowing us to deliver changes to the product quickly. If anything, I wish that we could extend our team and have more engineers.

Beth Nguyen
Nir Yeffet
Director of Engineering

Their maturity, their breadth of knowledge, and the seriousness with which they approach the project are impressive.

Cedarcode's software engineers have offered suggestions and implemented tools that have helped with the stability of products and have reduced bugs. The team manages the project excellently, and they take ownership of the process. They're a knowledgeable partner who takes their work seriously.

Beth Nguyen
Dmitri Nesterenko
Head of Engineering

I’m very glad we decided to work with them because the engagement has worked out well. They’re experienced and work at a senior level—I know that if I give them work, we’re going to receive high-quality deliverables on our schedule. They’ve provided a lot of value for our company and became a trusted partner.

Trust them enough to bring them into your company and help them fully understand your business, they will begin operating at a whole new level.

Beth Nguyen
Zack Chandler
Co-Founder & CTO

Sebastian and Marcelo helped raise our game in Rails and innovate on a cohesive API strategy that would have taken years internally. They were super talented, meticulous, and left us with a different view on how to build great software together. I would use them again and again.

Zachary Welch
Zachary Welch

I have worked with these guys for over two years now and they are solid at understanding requirements and delivering what is needed on time.  I would not hesitate to hire them for any project.

Noel Gómez
Noel Gómez
Data Science Lead
Fortune 500 Biotechnology Company

Braulio has integrated himself fully as part of our team, despite being 'just' a contractor. He cares about our product, our processes and our people. We'd happily recommend him for another project.

Preston St. Pierre
Preston St. Pierre
Predictable Revenue Inc.