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Development for Large Biotech Company

For more than 35 years, Amgen has been at the forefront of modern biotechnology, inventing industry-leading technologies to develop and manufacture biologic medications for humans. In keeping with its history of manufacturing innovation and excellence, Amgen is now leading the way in the development and use of manufacturing technologies that will help set the standard for the future.


A biotechnology pioneer since 1980, Amgen has reached millions of patients around the world. With a presence in approximately 100 countries and regions worldwide, Amgen’s innovative medicines have reached millions of people in the fight against serious illnesses.


  • Fully maintain Ruby on Rails applications
  • Ruby on Rails architectural design
  • Close communication
  • Performance improvements
  • Infrastructure support

Why us?

As a global company, the ability for Amgen to on-board vendors and suppliers to their processes is crucial for their growing strategy. These operations need to occur in an efficient, automated and compliant manner to bring over the right partners all around the world in a safe way.

They found in us a robust team of experts that helped build and maintain the tooling for supporting these processes in a scalable way. Through great collaboration and communication, we’ve built together a great working relationship that has been ongoing for several years.


Amgen has an outstanding track record of reliably delivering high-quality medicines to patients who need them.

By partnering with Amgen, we get to support a company that makes a huge impact on modern medicine. It’s very fulfilling to know we are helping to make an impact on people’s health and therefore their lives.

5.0 - Quality
5.0 - Schedule
5.0 - Cost
5.0 - Willing to refer

I've worked with other offshore companies, but the quality Cedarcode offers is superior. The time zone overlap is great, and there is so much to be gained from working with them. People are satisfied with them, and they're the subject matter experts on these applications.

They have more institutional knowledge than some of our internal team, and they've educated new people about the platforms.

Noel Gómez
Noel Gómez
Data Science Lead
Fortune 500 Biotechnology Company

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