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Boosted the Ruby on Rails expertise of the client

Urbandoor believes you should feel at home wherever work takes you. With the Urbandoor platform, professionals can easily access furnished apartments tailored to their needs for extended business trips and relocations.

There are fewer than 75K professionally managed, furnished apartments in the US. Urbandoor is connecting people to millions of long-term, furnished apartments.


Today’s workforce is constantly changing, and the need for suitable accommodation has never been greater. For the modern professional, hotels often don’t provide enough space or freedom, while corporate apartments can be impossible to find (and expensive).

Since 2015, Urbandoor is innovating on a solution that connects professionals to their right apartment every time, anywhere.


  • Staff augmentation
  • Fully Integrate with the on-site teams
  • Close communication
  • Ruby on Rails architectural collaboration
  • Provide feedback to the development process

Why us?

We started our partnership in a moment where Urbandoor was migrating most of their pages to a more backend-centered design with progressive JS on top of it. This meant that they needed a boost of the Ruby on Rails expertise to both speed-up the development, and help standardize design strategies and best practices around Ruby. We felt that the cultural fit was so high, even from our first meetings, that it naturally led to a fast and smooth start of our collaboration.


Imagine yourself going through job relocation: the professional challenge, and the personal impact it implies. On top of that, would you stand going through the tedious process of finding your new home? Urbandoor shares our purpose of making people's lives easier and better. By partnering with Urbandoor, we get to help many people by creating a better world to work in.

5.0 - Quality
5.0 - Schedule
5.0 - Cost
5.0 - Willing to refer

I’m very glad we decided to work with them because the engagement has worked out well. They’re experienced and work at a senior level—I know that if I give them work, we’re going to receive high-quality deliverables on our schedule. They’ve provided a lot of value for our company and became a trusted partner.

Trust them enough to bring them into your company and help them fully understand your business, they will begin operating at a whole new level.

Noel Gómez
Zack Chandler
Co-Founder & CTO

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